Happy World Vegan Day!

So since finding out it is World Vegan Day today, it made me reflect on my blog, as all of my recipes are predominantly vegan (plant-based).


I absolutely love my veggie diet and I’m actually so proud of not being ‘normal’ (what is normal anyway?). I never imagined a meat-free way of life, because I didn’t think you could ‘survive’ without it as western society makes it such a huge part of our diet. I have had so many funny experiences with being a veggie, from my Nan telling me to pick the bacon out of an M&S quiche, to being asked if I still eat ham sandwiches. But to be totally honest, though, it actually took a while to come to terms with the fact that I don’t eat meat anymore and admit that I was a vegetarian (not like labels are necessary). I realised it takes a lot of confidence because you actually get asked a lot of questions and people have strong views and opinions. And I totally get that, I did too. I loved my chicken and steak, but I gradually cut down and then stopped altogether because I felt like I thrived without it.

So anyway, the three main reasons I don’t eat meat is because of…

  1. Health. I’m reducing my risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. And day to day I have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, a better immune system, digestive system and skin. Along with benefiting from not consuming all the antibiotics and hormones that get pumped into the animals.
  2. The impact it has on the environment. I have a lower carbon footprint as the meat industry it one of the biggest causes of global warming. This is because of the production of meat and other animal products, due to the crops and water required to feed the animals, as well as all the transport required for distribution.
  3. The mass killing of animals. I’m not an animal lover and never have been. I never used to associate meat with a dead animal, but once I become more conscious of it, it actually started to creep me out and I hated preparing it in the kitchen too. I have become more compassionate for animals, and don’t like the idea of animal cruelty and animal exploitation.

By all means, I haven’t shared this to offend anyone, but more so to raise awareness and to add some context for why I eat the way I do and why I always want to share awesome looking natural food with you all the time. I have read a lot of books, articles and watch documentaries promoting a plant-based diet, and sometimes when you get told x, y and z are not great for you… you can think ‘what’s left?’. This is one of the reasons why I created my blog. To share what I have learned, because there is actually heaps of food left to get creative with. Sometimes you just have to have an open mind, try new things and go against the grain.


Hopkins Healthy Home was created to celebrate natural, plant-based food and to inspire you to get into the kitchen and try cooking and making different things. I never used to cook, but now I find it so therapeutic and actually relaxing (totally aware I don’t have kids, but hey – they could be your cutter-uppers?). Fundamentally, I’m all about prevention, reducing health risks and helping people to lead happy healthy lives.

So yeah, Happy World Vegan Day!

Much L O V E,

Nicky xx


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