Dealing with my Acne: Part 1

Dealing with my Acne: Part 1

Okay, so doing a post like this is something I have wanted to do for ages and I have only recently plucked up the courage to do it, as I will be sharing some images that I thought only I would ever see. I want to share my troubles with acne because it is one of the main reasons why I am now so passionate about health and wellness. I know how lonely it can feel when you are going through skin issues, and how frustrating it can feel when nothing is working. I want to share what has worked for me so that others can take control and regain confidence in themselves, as acne it is such a personal issue. So please, if you know anyone that is experiencing problems with their skin, like acne, please share as I would love to see if my recommendations help.


When I had bad skin, I felt:

  • Gross
  • Dirty
  • Self-conscious
  • Ugly
  • Paranoid

These feelings were horrible and if anything raised my stress and anxiety levels, which in turn, made my skin much worse. I was soooooo desperate to improve my skin. I would spend hours at night researching different products and medication. I went on lots of different antibiotics that the doctors prescribed and I used things on my skin that were so strong it would burn and make my skin so aggravated, itchy and worse.



In December 2013, I made a new years resolution to not wear makeup to work. I was working 13-hour shifts in a nursing home, where I was in a hot environment, surrounded by germs and cleaning products, which was not doing me justice. So I decided going makeup free was one thing that I could proactively do to help my skin, so it could breathe. HOWEVER, this took a lot of courage and determination, as it meant I would not be able to hide behind layers of makeup anymore.

I remember the first few times at work not wearing any makeup and my colleagues would say “omg, what happened” “what’s wrong with your skin”, and to be honest I was actually quite shocked, because I always thought they knew I had bad skin underneath all the makeup. Anyway, I would just sit on my lunch break (if I got one) and look at my skin through the selfie camera on my phone…. and as you can see, take pictures, mainly to monitor any improvement.



The most embarrassing thing about my acne was that I actually had a pretty healthy diet and drank loads of water, so I felt like I didn’t have an excuse for having bad skin. I felt like everyone was judging me and assuming that I lived off takeaways and pizza, which made me quite paranoid and I felt like I always had to explain myself and reassure people that I was healthy.



Going make-up free encouraged me to really look at what was going on. I looked at my routine and tried to find a few other holistic things which could help.

I decided to…

  • Change my (100% cotton) pillow case every 2-3 days
  • Have a specific (100% cotton) flannel to dry my face and change ever 2 days
  • Religiously wash my face every morning and night (cleanse, tone and moisturise. Not using makeup wipes)
  • Continue to drink 2 litres of water or more every day
  • Drink peppermint tea instead of English tea
  • Not pick and touch my face! (this was one of the hardest things I had to overcome)
  • Not use my hands to apply makeup (I invested in Real Techniques brush collection and foundation sponge)

These are all things I still do day in, day out and I go make up free wherever possible.

I will be sharing more of my skin journey with you very soon, but for the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Much L O V E, Nicky


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