About Me

Hi, I’m Nicky and welcome to my blog.

I’m in my mid-twenties and live in Hampshire, England.

I’m currently at University studying Learning Disability Nursing and will be graduating in the Summer of 2017, which I am so excited about. (freeeeeedom)!

I chose this branch of nursing as I’m incredibly passionate about helping people, promoting inclusion and improving a person’s quality of life.

So anyway, I started sharing food and health related topics over on my Facebook page nearly three years ago, to show how a healthy lifestyle can be so satisfying, realistic and balanced… as well as damn tasty!

I mean look at that Homemade Chocolate!

I started to change my diet originally to help my skin, as I had pretty bad acne that was having a negative effect on my self-esteem and confidence.

By getting creative and trying new things, I learned to cook from scratch becuase I got to know whole foods and my relationship with food changed – for the better. This direction led me to so many more amazing discoveries about mindfulness, choice and awareness. Not to mention the benefits of having more energy, better skin, immunity, clarity, improved mood and reduced sugar cravings. Because of this, my blog has now become a place where I share plant-based recipes that are free from refined sugar.

Ultimately, it’s my misson to make vegetables irrisistable! 😀

Ohh and I’m anti-diets and cheat days, there is no on plan and off plan here… just going with the flow and your intutition!

Fundamentally, I believe a good foundation for health starts with you at home, because really, that is where we have the most control. And yes, most of us have grown up in different households, with different traditions and may have carried on with certain habits or ways of doing things (like a stocked up chocolate and crisps cupboard 😉 ), but it’s okay to switch things up and make decisions that better suit you and how you want to feel.

I hope to inspire you with delicious food that’s full of goodness, an enthusiasm that makes you want to explore and advice that boosts your confidence.

So let’s have fun and go easy on ourselves!

Thanks for visiting.

Much L O V E, Nicky xx

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